10 years ago we set out to create a company like no other.

On our all-hands scrum this week, we talked about some lifehacks that help us to be more mindful or help us with focus. Below are some highlights.

All week, members of the CivicActions team will be in Austin, Texas for DrupalCon 2014. If you plan on attending, you can find us at booth 608 in the Exhibit Hall.

Last week, Sadie and I had the honor of presenting at Office Optional, a new conference for distributed teams.

The debacle over the website has brought to light the significant problems with how government technology is currently built and its need for reform.

We're extremely proud that one of our engineering team members, Benjamin Kallos, has won the District 5 race for City Council in New York City by a landslide.

As happens in families, my father recently passed from his physical form and left a projection of his aesthetic preferences and a highly detailed and documented archive of his life in his townhome apartment.

During the talks I have attended at Agile Denver, Mile High Agile, and Agile 2013 I’ve noticed tha

I spent a couple of hours today doing something that I've been wanting to do for a while now, but just hadn't made the time -- going through the changelog for drupal 8, and seeing if I could port a few