Docker has quickly become the favorite virtualization tool for many people including myself. A few months ago we were discussing various technical goals across our project and things started to come together pointing to a basic docker framework to facilitate our development processes. This basically sums up our wish list:

Our Goals

  • Faster developer sandbox set up to get started on projects sooner.
  • Consistent software stack across developers, testing infrastructure, and production.
  • Ideally, a basic tool set that would work for both our new projects as well as our maintenance sites.
  • Start using the cool new trendy docker.

We recently started using myBalsamiq to create wireframes and the move from the desktop to online version of this tool was a game changer for our distributed team.

I've been working on scrum teams for awhile now and I recently went through the Certified ScrumMaster course which provided a nice refresher.

We recently sat down with Sarah Anders, Kallos' communications director, to discuss their office's adoption of Agile, and take a look at the learnings, successes, and shortfalls of the past six months, bringing Agile practice to bear in a busy office-in-motion.

A client using Civicrm recently approached us with a problem: bounced emails, sent through the Sendgrid email service were no longer reporting as bounced.

The success of every development project hinges on a strong product owner.

The Bay Area Drupal Camp is without a doubt one of our favorite events of the year! Now in its 8th year, BADCamp provides four days of training, summits, sprints, sessions, networking, career opportunities and more.

This is a notable milestone. It's great to see this incredible openness, code and process sharing evolving in the US Federal Government.

There’s been much discussion of late about federal government IT procurement.