Drupal 5 Themes Book Arrived

Bevan Rudge


January 27, 2008

Drupal 5 Themes Book Arrived

Front cover of Drupal 5 Themes Packt Publishing contacted me a couple of weeks back to ask me to review their new drupal book Drupal 5 Themes by Ric Shreeves in exchange for a copy of it. I was a little surprised, but accepted graciously. Given the number of short reviews of the book that have been published on Planet Drupal and drupal.org recently I'm beginning to wonder how many others received the same offer. Anyway, the book arrived this morning. (Thanks Packt!) Although I won't have time to review it this week, it's just the right height to make the bottom edge of my laptop line up with the bottom edge of my LCD monitor: Stack of Books including Drupal 5 Themes by Ric Sheeves propping up a MacBook Pro next to an LCD Monitor Sweeeet! :) Drupal 5 Themes is available for USD 40 from Amazon.com, GBP 25 from Packt Publishing's website or various other online and physical stores at similar prices. UPDATE: Packt sent me the updated version of this book, Drupal 6 Themes, before I got to reviewing this. See my review of Drupal 6 Themes here. See more reviews of Drupal books.

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I read your post through Planet Drupal this morning and found it pretty annoying. Imagine you wrote a book and someone said this about it, I bet you wouldn't be too happy. I got a book for free in exchange for a review and now its a doorstop, soon I'll get rid of it, LOL, look at me, I'm funny. I paid for this book and it looks pretty useful for the vast majority of Drupal users (read: not you). The documentation on theming on the site is pretty awful and as we all know, Drupal themes tend to be butt ugly compared to Joombla. Anyway, it sounds like you have never reviewed a book in your life before, but maybe you should think about the audience? I doubt the author wrote the book for you, but maybe you would be in a good position to evaluate whether the information in it is correct and if it paints a good picture on Drupal theming for the rest of us. But as an author of other books, I have to say, this was pretty insulting and if this was my book, I'd be ticked off at you.