Opportunities at CivicActions

Ian Rhett speaking at the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference
Ian Rhett


December 5, 2009

Opportunities at CivicActions

This past year, CivicActions has undergone a transformation in the way that we organize project teams.  We've moved from a "matrix" model (people contributing to several projects) to what we call "Pods" (dedicated teams focused on one or two projects at a time). This transformation has yielded incredible results for clients and project team members. This model also means that we can more easily scale, which we are preparing to do in 2010.

The world has never had greater need for the services of our clients, and our job at CivicActions is to design technology solutions to support them in being more effective in their missions.  In 2010, we're going to need help.

CivicActions is looking for "Geeks for Good" to join and create "Pods" to develop Drupal-based websites for non-profit and socially progressive commercial organizations.  We value Balance, Openness and Trust and we are committed to diversity on our team.

Specifically, we are looking for Drupal developers with site-building experience.  Application Specialists who unpack and configure Drupal, Engineers who customize and contribute back to Drupal, and Drupal Architects/Tech Leads who take client requirements and outline a Drupal-based solution that is robust and efficient and who can manage a project's technical development.  

If you have any of these skills, we'd like to talk to you.

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Electronic/Electrical Engineer--includes software (programming knowledge) looking outside the square and to get into business eventually. I might be interested in helping you as I can do basic web design already and I have the potential learn more difficult techniques (plus Javascript, MySQL and other references to expand my understanding if I have internet & server resources to use).

My life however is one of a political/business activist currently and I am getting hammered hard right now--I have already defeated a team of government lawyers in the Federal/Magistrates courts here (without any legal assistance at all--and no I do not know how I could succed either, but it was scary...)