We're Giving Away A Free Ticket To She's Geeky

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January 19, 2010

We're Giving Away A Free Ticket To She's Geeky

Both Ian and Jenn have recently blogged about our sponsorship and planned attendance at the upcoming She's Geeky unconference at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California January 29th and 30th (that's next week!). Well I'm here to call attention to a little contest we are running.  Turns out we have a ticket to the unconference that we want to give away.  All you have to do to get it is tell us why you are geeky and want to go to She's Geeky.  On thing worth noting -- you must be a woman to attend the conference.

If you would like to attend She's Geeky, on our dime, here's what you need to do: either follow us on Twitter and tell us why you're excited by She's Geeky (in less than 140 characters, be sure to mention @civicactions, eg "@civicactions I want to go to @shesgeeky to share what I know about Drupal!") or post a comment on this blog post.  We will select one person on Thursday, January 21st at 5pm PST.

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I very much like the fact that you gave a hint, a lead-in partial sentence in your contest:  "@civicactions I want to go to @shesgeeky to share"  I want to go to share both what I do know (Health Information Technology) and what I don't know (too much to list in the alloted space!)  I have been to one unconference and found the process so exciting, the people so generous and open to questions.  I would love to start out the year doing that again.  And make friends along the way.

Thank you for sponsoring the contest.  Fun to do on a rainy day.


Congratulations Barbara!  You were the first to respond.  The ticket is yours!  I've sent you an email with the details.