Google Android Market vs. Apple App Store

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February 2, 2011

Google Android Market vs. Apple App Store

Last week Apple announced that since July 2008 more than 10 billion iPhone & iPad apps have now been downloaded from the App Store. For those counting at home, that an average of 18 million apps per day.

Despite the significant head-start, today Google announced their own Web-based store app store called Android Market, which is designed for people to get to new applications for their Android-based smart-phones and tablets.

Up until now, those using smart-phones based on the Google Android operating system were limited to discovering new apps only from their devices, while users of Apple-based devices could search for new apps using the popular iTunes software. Now Android owners will be able to discover and buy apps from any Web browser, which will automatically sync to their devices.

Google and Apple have very different strategies with respect building to their app stores. Apple's game-plan has been a tightly-controlled system in which developers need to pass strict requirements to be listed in the store. On the other hand, Google doesn’t have an approval system, so developers can quickly submit and revise their applications at will. Apple's walled-garden approach has long been one of the biggest complaints for app developers, limiting what they could release and sell based on Apple's ever-changing restrictions.

Another fundamental difference between the two is that the Android OS is open source and the technology is designed to be extended by an active community. The open source approach has been proven to drive faster innovation and wider adoption in countless examples and Google is counting on it to best their proprietary competition.

One other significant advantage of Android Market apps is that they do not differentiate between the phone's core applications and one's developed by a third-party. This means developers have equal access to all the mobile device capabilities, providing users with a broader spectrum of available services.

Importantly, both companies do allowing developers to sell inside of apps. However, all payments made through the iOS generate a 30% cut for Apple, while Android developers receive 70% of the app price, with the remaining 30% distributed between carriers and payment processors.

So, will Google Android Market catch up with Apple's App Store?

While the iPhone 4 was the best-selling mobile phone in the US during the fourth quarter of 2010 with access to over 350,000 apps, the Android OS is hot on its heals running 53% of all US smart-phones, including the Motorola's Droid X & Droid 2 and HTC's Evo 4G, with access to over 130,000 apps.

Google and Apple are positioning themselves with fundamental different strategies, but in the end it's another classic proprietary vs. open source battle. Will Apple proprietary devices just become another beloved relic and the mark of an era?

Only time will tell as the race to the first 100 billion apps is now on between Google's Android Market and Apple's App Store.

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i love my iphone more further discussions.. Let the statistics talk.. Android on 50% of the market.. Nokia is alleged 2nd even better that IOS..People are starting to learn which is better.. Hands down..
The only reason android is out selling the iPhone is you have to pay for the iPhone there at less 50 android phone on AT&T , verizon, t- mobile and sprint that you can get for free or next to nothing like 99 cents when the iPhone starts at $50 and goes up from there and just wait till the next gen iPhone comes out it will be sold out in every store in the world the day it comes out.
Devlin are you stupid ? the android market works on EVERY android tablets and everything .. i mean what have you been doing ? read a little here and there .. learn something .. i used both iphone4 and android SGSII the SGSII is WAY better .. more stable and everything else.. try updating iphone 3G or 3GS to IOS 4 and tell me how many bugs you will see in the first 10minuts .. bugs, lag,, feezes .. look at android .. nexus ONE which is about 2years old now runs on the latest Android OS 2.3.4 and its working flawlessly ..and tell me why the hell would you take iphone , ipod and ipad these 3 run on the SAME operating system the EXACT same its just stupid .. yae for space maybe ? still stupid.. get an android and use a microSD card...
Wait. So you wrote the article in February, 2011. The android market has DEFINTIELY been up way long than that. I'd say at least since 2008. So when you mentioned "Today Google announced their own Web-based store app store"'s innacurate from the time your wrote the post. The fact that the market place exists is waaaay late. Where have you been?

Hi Z, I think Aaron's point was that "Up until now, those using smart-phones based on the Google Android operating system were limited to discovering new apps only from their devices...Now Android owners will be able to discover and buy apps from any Web browser..." So it's not that the Android Market in general is brand new, it's that the ability to access it from any web browser is relatively new.

all im gonna say here is...  1 out of 10 apps on android are worth downloading or useful. as for apple may be 6 or 7 out of 10 app would be the apps you could possibly keep in your iphone.The quality that iphone apps have, android lags there. most of the apps on android market have such an idiotic interface, i personally dont think that android market can beat appstore, not right now at least. i am not just saying this, i had an iphone4 i gave it away and got an android devices like desire HD. Galaxy S etc. and trust me i regret giving away my iphone4, it was 100 times better than this android crap. and finally i got myself an iphone4 once again. i've never been so much happier. android devices for me are not even reliable. they can get stuck and all, open as many apps as you want... find me an iphone which is actually stuck on a screen so easily, android on the other hand, give me any device and i'll tell you how it gets stuck so easily... anyway...appstore... way to go... :) P.S : IF YOU'RE AN IPHONE USER AND READING THIS... DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF BUY AN ANDROID DEVICE GIVING AWAY YOUR IPHONE. 
Dude if u tell me all iphone4 apps would work on iphone 1st gen or even ipod touch 2nd gen without a bit of lagg youd be lying. most if not all android apps work on both htc wildfire and htc desire HD. BIG PROCESSOR DIFFRENCE. yet the applications work a bit of a lagg but it works. Now it was a ig choise for me to choose my htc wildfire above an ipod touch but im not regretting it at all. I just think we should have people converting apple apps for android and vica versa.
Devlin, read the article again! Apple fanboys...
Apple at least doesn't use a idiotic rule that it must have a phone to use the market. The iPhone and iTouch both use the same market. Android take the hint. We want your OS but only if we can utilize the market and we don't want to be forced to have an intergrated phone....... Hence many will be buying the iTouch.
lots of android devices are not phones. wot u on about dude?