How You Can Help Shut Down Puppy Mills

Ian Rhett speaking at the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference
Ian Rhett


July 22, 2011

How You Can Help Shut Down Puppy Mills

Do it for the puppies.

Puppies behind bars

CivicActions is proud to announce the launch of, an initiative of the ASPCA we helped develop in collaboration with Fenton Communications aimed at generating consumer pressure on pet stores that sell puppies. It was not a second thought to accept the challenge, and we're hoping you'll be inspired to join the cause.  The real power of this project will come from people who sign the pledge and who share it on their social networks.  We've seen incredible examples recently of the Internet empowering groups of people to put direct pressure on corporations that haven't chosen (yet) to do the right thing. Like not selling puppies from puppy mills.  Let's make this one work, too. 

Sign the pledge today, please!  For the puppies!

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Where did you take that picture? My wife would die to have those puppies at home.



Those cute puppies surely deserve a new master.
Just signed the pledge and I will help spread the word. Best of luck.-Julia
This is a great initiative !Already signed up - hope things will have an effect in the long run.brdannie