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Online Protest Successful; Internet Blackout NZ

The online protest against changes to copyright law in New Zealand – aka Internet Blackout NZ – was successful in that it has resulted in a 4-week delay. It is expected that this will give the new New Zealand government enough time to reconsider the consequences of such a ridiculous law change, and most probably repeal the changes entirely. The NZ Herald has more details. This is an enormous shout out to everyone who drove the protest and participated in some way. In particularly;

jQuery.dashboard() Plugin

The jQuery.dashboard() plugin for jQuery provides a framework that makes it easy for web application developers to create highly configurable dashboard-like user interfaces (similar to iGoogle) in their web applications. Jump straight to the demo. jQuery.dashboard() requires jQuery UI 1.7's (the new 1.6rc6) Sortable library, which in turn requires jQuery UI Draggable, core and jQuery 1.3.

Gmail Offline Is Here

Gmail offline is finally here! As per my message on twitter; It's fast – even better than Gmail online. Faster than desktop apps. The internet revolution is here! You'll need to enable Gmail "Experimental features" first. I've forgotten how to do this, but I think it's in the admin "cpanel" for Google Apps for Your Domain. I'm not sure about Google-proper Gmail. Once you have that;
  1. go to Settings (in Gmail)
  2. then Labs

Translation Links For Semi-Multi-Lingual Drupal 6 Websites

Translation Links screenshot; Teasers on home page I created the Translation Links module as a way of making translations of nodes easily accessible on partially translated multi-lingual websites. Such websites will have Drupal 6 core's Content Translation module enabled, but not many or perhaps any of i18n and it's modules that enable multi-lingual features for menus, views and taxonomy.

"Drupal For Education And E-Learning" Book Review

Front cover of Drupal for Education and E-LearningDrupal for Education and E-learning is a must-have for any teacher, school or education institution considering a new school website, or technology-centric project in the classroom. Whether the reader has heard of Drupal or not, the book provides valuable insights, empowering ideas and simple instructions to help get any teacher or school on their way to having a powerful, useful and valuable learning resource.

Improving Node Forms With Vertical Tabs

Vertical Tabs module by Dmitri Gaskin is a Drupal module-ification of prototype work I did for the usability of Drupal's node forms, and was inspired partly by ideas in the discussion and design process of Views 2 UI – which was all part of my Season of Usability project. Vertical Tabs module in Drupal 6

It's Not "User Testing"

It's not User Testing! A number of times recently I have heard folk in the Drupal community and elsewhere talk about User Testing. While many people use this term and it is not strictly incorrect it is misleading and also far from correct A better term to use is Usability testing or UI testing. Here's why;

Usability Of Car Stereos

For a long time I have wondered how the teams that design car stereos can fail so miserably at making car stereos easy to use. The function of a car stereo is not complicated, and there are few tasks that need to be considered in the design of a car stereo interface. Approximately in order of importance these tasks are;
  1. lower the volume
  2. kill the sound
  3. raise the volume
  4. select the source (e.g. FM, AM, CD, Auxiliary)
  5. skip tracks
  6. change the frequency
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