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Tips For Foundations Using Twitter

Last week I wrote about some research we conducted regarding Foundations and their use of Twitter. One thing I noticed in our research is that many Foundations are primarily using the Twitter website to interface with the service. In this post I will highlight a few tips for Foundations that want to make better use of Twitter, or improve their management of the social media tool.

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How CivicActions Adopted Agile/Scrum - Part Two: More Pods!

In my last post, I wrote a little of the history of the process at CivicActions and how we started to adopt the Agile/Scrum process. The first big step toward that was the formation of what we call Pods, or focused project teams.

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Foundations Using Twitter

Back in November 2010 we used the Glass Pockets database to identify 38 of the top 100 Foundations (by endowment site) using Twitter. By “using Twitter” we mean Foundations with official Twitter accounts. This does not include Foundation staff using Twitter, and we did not look at multiple Twitter accounts per Foundation, only the primary official Twitter account for each of the 38 Foundations.

The Numbers

Graph Showing Twitter Adoption Amongst Top 100 Foundations

We looked at some basic metrics for how these Foundations were using Twitter, such as the follower/following ratio, tweeting frequency, age of account, etc... There is tremendous variability in the data, which is not surprising. The numbers suggest that some Foundations have done little more than sign up for a Twitter account while others are making regular use of the service.

Creating A Low Bandwidth Theme In Drupal

One of our clients has a large world-wide user base, in many locations where Internet access is limited. In addition to developing for mobile browsers, they also wanted a “low bandwidth” version of the site, optimized for older computers and dial-up connections. Using a handy module and some theming tricks, this was very easy to implement in Drupal.

Running Multiple Versions of Firefox on Mac OS X

Cross-browser testing requires using as wide range of browsers as possible. It’s most effective when you have all those browsers on one machine. We at CivicActions have written in the past about installing multiple IE browsers, but what about Firefox?

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Managing Stakeholders: The Art of Managing Up, Down, and Across (an #11NTC Session)

Last week, at the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference, I had the pleasure of discussing the art of managing stakeholders with Aaron Crosman from American Friends Service Committe, Dan Gomes from Bay Area Video Coalition, Lin Hundt from SACNAS, and Ursula Gross from the Association of Governing Boards.

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Step over 911, it's time for 111 - Elastic Network Emergency Services

Several years ago, while Aaron and I were working for Jerry Brown on the online strategy for his Attorney General race in California, I mentioned an idea to him that might save the State quite a bit of funding for police departments, and other emergency services. The idea was simple, use cell phones to automatically message everyone within a geographic radius in an emergency. Imagine that you're in need of immediate support, and you hit 111 on your phone, and immediatly you are connected to everyone in a party line within a 6 block radius.

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How CivicActions Adopted Agile/Scrum - Part One - The Way We Were

"A Quiet Revolution" is how I can best describe the process by which CivicActions has, over the last two years, adopted the Agile/Scrum process as our means of working with clients, internal teams and one another. And it continues as we learn more, add team members, work with new clients and shift into our own, more functional and agile organizational structure.

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Ignite Presentation at 11NTC: NonProfit Technology is Not Good Technology

Last week I participated in the Ignite reception at the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference in Washington, DC. Ignite is a unique format in which the presenters have just 5 minutes to "enlighten" the audience using exactly 20 slides which auto-rotate every 15 seconds.

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A Soft Story About Code

Ezra  “Funk Coordinator” Barnett Gildesgame’s Drupalcon presentation, Introduction to Module Development, got me thinking about The Great Drupal Dilemma: to Code or Not to Code?

Wait, scratch that. Let me start again.

I’ve been building Drupal sites for over five years. I came from a design background.  I’m also half lazy, half apathetic and half gutless.

Scratch that.

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