In my last post, I wrote a little of the history of the process at CivicActions and how we started to adopt the Agile/Scrum process.

Back in November 2010 we used the Glass Pockets database to identify 38 of the top 100 Fo

One of our clients has a large world-wide user base, in many locations where Internet access is limited.

Cross-browser testing requires using as wide range of browsers as possible. It’s most effective when you have all those browsers on one machine.

Last week, at the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference, I had the pleasure of discussing the art of managing stakeholders with Aaron Crosman from American Friends Serv

Several years ago, while Aaron and I were working for Jerry Brown on the online strategy for his Attorney General race in California, I mentioned an idea to him that might save the State quite a bit of funding for police departments, and other eme

"A Quiet Revolution" is how I can best describe the process by which CivicActions has, over the last two years, adopted the Agile/Scrum process as our means of working with clients, internal teams and one another.

Last week I participated in the Ignite reception at the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference in Washington, DC.