SACNAS Website Redesign and Rebuild

SACNAS Website Redesign and Rebuild

SACNAS, the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science, partnered with CivicActions in 2010 to build an online hub to connect SACNAS members, potential members, and institutions to support the organization's goal of encouraging Hispanic and Native American participation in sciences in both the academic and professional worlds.  

SACNAS sought to redesign and rebuild its existing web infrastructure to better connect members, engage potential members, and track institutional and partner relationships throughout the duration of their involvement with the organization. These relationships often begin when an individual is in high school or college and evolve through the course of a lifetime, and the web site needed to provide targeted information and services to each distinct kind of member.

The SACNAS Annual Conference is the primary gathering of the organization. The website needed to be a tool for managing all aspects of the conference, other SACNAS events, as well as evolving member and partner relationships. Additionally, the new site aimed to continually promote a sense of community outside of SACNAS events, and also empower all departments within SACNAS staff in an integrated way by bringing together existing disparate proprietary systems into one easy web-based system that would grow and evolve with the organization.

CivicActions understood SACNAS' organizational and user needs and shared the value of producing a sustainable open-source web infrastructure that would empower the organization's members, partners, and staff to support and promote the Hispanic and Native American communities in sciences. Our expertise in project management and utilization of an agile development methodology, along with a client that fully embraced their role as product owner, helped prioritize and integrated all user needs to produce a sustainable site that addressed a wide breadth of features.

Often times, seamlessness can be the best measure of success in implementing a new infrastructure. On the first day of launching the new, the site was fully operational, generating revenue from professional and institutional partners for print & online ad orders. Importantly, members were able to log-in with existing accounts and able to find all their information in tact. SACNAS staff were updating content and creating new membership signup pages with ease. But the best measure of success is enduring relationships. SACNAS and CivicActions are continuing to work together to grow and evolve to further empower SACNAS and the important communities it serves.

Project Start Date: 
March, 2010
January, 2011

About SACNAS (Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science)

SACNAS is a society of scientists dedicated to advancing Hispanic/Chicanos and Native Americans in Science. Their mission is to support and enhance the futures of young people who have an interest in expanding their futures as scientists. The society consists of students and professionals working together to build confidence, amplify excellence and increase the number of Hispanics/Chicanos and Native Americans in science research, leadership and teaching careers.


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