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Drush screencast: runserver command

A new command in Drush 5 is the runserver command (alias "rs"), which is a built in web server for development (if you have used Django or Rails you will be familiar with this concept). All you need is the php-cgi binary and you can bring up a server (and logged in web-browser, if you like!) for a specified site in seconds - no need to have Apache configured for the site, or even running. Click full-screen and HD for easier reading, or view on YouTube.

Drush screencast: core-quick-drupal command

A new command in Drush 5 is the core-quick-drupal command (alias "qd") - the purpose of this command is to get you running in Drupal with zero setup. All you need is php-cgi and the PDO sqlite driver - you don't need MySQL or Apache running at all. Running the command will download and install Drupal (or your choice of distribution) as well as any contrib projects you like, start the built in php webserver and open your default browser with you already logged in as user 1. Fun stuff.

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