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Google+ Invites (and Apple-)

Lots of buzz swirling around about Google+, Google's Facebook-like social networking site.  Much of the buzz surrounds trying to get invited into the test trial, especially as many have received "invites" but not been able to get in anyway.

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Technology and Social Movements

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Last Thursday I attended a taping of the Al Jazeera English show, "Empire" at the Columbia University Journalism School. The discussion featured Amy Goodman, Carl Bernstein, Emily Bell, and rivals Clay Shirky and Evgeny Morozov. While the role of technology was the launching point of the discussion; it was not limited to a narrow review of the uses of Facebook and Twitter. Here are a couple of important takeaways from the event:

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Jumo And A Dunbar Number For Organizations

This morning I read Robin Dunbar's op-ed in the New York Times, You've Got To Have (150) Friends, and it got me thinking more about Jumo (read my initial thoughts on Jumo).  The author's research into the capacity of people to maintain friendships has resulted in the concept of Dunbar's Number: that humans can really only maintain 150 relationships with other humans, regardless of what technology purports to allow.

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Two Weeks With Jumo: My First Impressions Of The Social Network For Social Change

Since its launch on November 30th, I've spent some time playing around with Jumo (it is definitely worth reading the about page) and reading other people's accounts of their explorations of the new social network for social causes founded by Facebook cofounder and Obama 2008 Online Organizing Directory Chris Hughes.

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Using Social Media to Meet Nonprofit Goals: Idealware's New Report

Idealware just released a report on their survey of nearly 500 nonprofit professionals regarding their use of social media and their perceptions of the efficacy of various social media channels.

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You (should) Own Your Online Identity

I posted a blog on another site entitled Distributed Social Networking requires Secure Online Identity that discusses, among other things, the new "anti-Facebook" Diaspora* and the need for a solid foundation built upon secure, distributed, user-centric digital identity.  There's another, less technical piece of the puzzle.

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Google IO - Google Wave And Socializing Your Web Using Open Authentication - Oauth and OpenID

Last week was quite interesting, I happened to show up at Google IO developer Conference 2009. Committing to writing about the entire Google IO event in a single post is a tough job, so friends here is a succinct post covering the topics that seems most exciting to me.

1. Google wave:

As many may have read already, Google announced a new Internet-based communications and collaboration platform Google Wave in the second day's key note talk at Google IO. Google Wave seems to be an integrated communications platform that brings together email, chat, twitter, social networks, photo-sharing, and collaborative editing features. Google describes a 'wave' as "equal parts conversation and document" and the Wave team basically sees it as a replacement for email and other collaboration tools. Google's announcement of wave was the most exiting technical demonstration I ever been to, it was full of cheers, applause and whistling, evidence of the excitement about this new product which could revolutionize the world of emails, instant messaging, photo sharing, blogging, social networking and intranet communications.
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Creating A View To Display a Users Buddies to Other Users

I'm working on a site that will launch soon that features some social networking functionality, including friend lists. We are using the Buddylist2 module and while there are some default blocks for things like "My Buddies" that show a user their buddies, there was not a similar block that would show one user another user's buddies. We were able to create a custom view with the argument "Buddylist2: Nodes author is buddy of UID" that used the following custom argument handling code:
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    Social Networks VS Social Networking

    A recent study on social networking came to my attention yesterday and it sparked a discussing with Bevan that we vowed to continue on the blog. The study which surveyed 13,000 adults between 18 and 65 in 17 developed nations found that 58% did not know what social networking is (30% in the US).
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    Write Up of 50 Social Sites

    A few weeks ago someone pointed me toward this interesting writeup of 50 social sites, it is geared toward sites where businesses should try to build and maintain a presence, but I think that it is applicable for NPO and NGOs too. The article is split into 5 sections:
    • Social-Media/Social-Bookmarking Sites
    • Professional-Networking Sites
    • Niche Social-Media Sites
    • General Social-Media Sites
    • Job Sites
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