The End is Near: Daily Show on TV News' Armageddon

If you trust CNN and ABC to give you the good news, then the hoofbeats of the Apocalyptic horsemen are closing in. TV News' increasing fascination with imminent Armageddon is hilariously lampooned in this recent Daily Show segment: Submitted by Brooks Cole
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Colbert Banned From Wikipedia

Stephen Colbert, host of "The Colbert Report" on Comedy Central, caused wikipedia chaos the other night when he praised Wikipedia for "wikiality" - the reality that exists if you make something up and enough people agree with you - it becomes reality. Colbert then dropped some real truthiness about himself on wikipedia LIVE on the show. (confirmed by wikipedia logs) Colbert went on to edit more articles (such as George Washington didn't have slaves) and then encouraged his audience to find the Wikipedia entry on elephants and create an entry that stated their population had tripled in the last six months. Leading to the Wikipedia administrator to block Stephen Colbert's account and locking the entry on elephants. Image from Wikipedia: Rises seen in the use of "truthiness" immediately after Colbert introduced the word on October 17, 2005

Your Rights When Confronted for Photography

Photography is a great equalizer. Photography has enabled the defense of freedom and fundamental rights, providing evidence to the subversion of law and the trampling of those freedoms for later redress. A photo can shine light upon malfeasance that powerful perpetrators might otherwise lie their way out of. No wonder those who protest too much about defending liberty, all the while subverting it, are doing all they can to prevent individuals from exercising this fundamental, transparentifying right. As Bert P. Krages II points out in this fascinating introduction to a newly-released flyer called The Photographer's Right,

A proposal for Socially Responsible Companies -Instead of Inc., why not SRC?

Recently, I finally saw the movie "The Corporation" [ 1]. After seeing enough movies critical of modern life to not get too depressed, the movie did leave me with a somewhat balanced combination of fear and disgust. However, I realized there must be a way to improve on things. Yes. I am an optimist [2]. When I first studied sociology I learned that social structures can take people and make them into who they are. A prisoner and a prison guard [3] were normal people created by experience is one of the best known examples of institutions creating kinds of people. In relation to the movie, a central theme was that because corporations are legally considered human beings with all the same rights as flesh and bone human beings, and because corporate laws require profit, expansion, and self preservation, corporations [and therefore people] behave in a psychotic manner.
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Sunlight's Popup Politicians Widget

Radanovich Sunlight Foundation has released Popup Politicians "an AJAX-based widget that adds mini-profiles with links of Members of Congress to your page that appear when you mouseover the link."
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95 Theses of Geek Activism

I came across this today and really enjoyed it: 95 Theses of Geek Activism. Perhaps it helps that I identify as a hacker in the manner described in the first thesis. Geek Activism is really all about being smart, thinking for yourself and not simply accepting what others say just because they happen to be on TV or run the corporations or government (the differences between these are fading). Read them. Follow the links. You'll learn a little bit more about me - and maybe a little bit more about yourself, too. I'll end with a quote that comes to mind, perhaps because activists are geeks, too (though they may not know it).
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Run Your Own SMS Voter Registration Campaign!

Mobile Voter has just launched TxtVoter. The new free system allows individuals and organizations to use texting (SMS) to conduct their own voter registration campaigns. Users can define their own text-in keywords, print out customized postcards, track respondents, and win prizes. For example using your phone, you can text "civicactions" (no quotes) to 75444 and register to vote! Sweet!

John Lennon is Alive and Rocking

Terence McKenna described a fractally eschatonic view of history called the "TimeWave" that posited that history was repeating itself in ever faster cycles, culminating in The Big Event in 2012. That's a separate discussion, but a really cool modern example is the profound symmetry between the Nixon Right's war on John Lennon and his peace advocacy at the height of the Vietnam War. The US vs. John Lennon Movie is coming to theaters in September, and its timing and message could not be more poignant at this moment in time, where the lessons of history have been so predictably forgotten by warmongers and peaceniks alike. It is frightening and yet strangely empowering to hear Lennon speaking out against the Vietnam War amidst the attacks by the Nixon right waged on John Lennon, all set to this classic soundtrack.
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CivicActions launches HightowerLowdown.org

CivicActions launched HightowerLowdown.org on Monday. This site follows on our launch, earlier this year, of JimHightower.com and last year's Hightower Roadmap, our first project with Hightower's team.

We Can All Relax... Bush says He's Solving Global Warming

Ever since seeing Al Gore's brilliant "An Inconvenient Truth," possibly the most persuasive argument I have ever witnessed for anything (and certainly the best PowerPoint... er Keynote ... presentation ever), I have been feeling a little unsettled about whether we can muster the personal and political will to avert global climate crisis. So you can imagine my relief to learn in the recent People Magazine interview with President Bush that, contrary to popular belief, he acknowledges "...we have a problem on global warming" and even more exciting, that he's in the process of solving global warming "...by advancing new technologies, burning coal cleanly in electric plants, or promoting hydrogen-powered automobiles, or advancing ethanol as an alternative to gasoline."
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