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New Drupal Podcast: DrupalNews

Podcast available here In a quest to get myself caught up on what's happening in the Drupal community from a high-level standpoint, I realised something. It can be really hard keeping track of everything that's going on. So I decided to do something about it.
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Mainstream Media Gets With The Program

Via Noneck The New York Times reports that TV networks including CNN are creating one reporter bureaus to file stories, not only from far flung countries but also American cities.
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The Future! Circa 1993 from AT&T

What was AT&T's vision of the Internet? Movies on demand? Bridges without stopping to pay toll? What about he CRAZY stuff, like: Meeting without your shoes on?! Faxing from the beach? Tucking your baby in from a phone booth? Who the hell knows what a phone booth is?
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The Connection Between Money and Votes in California Politics

Today unveiled a pioneering database that lays bare the connection between money and votes in California politics. The website combines information from the Official California Legislative Information website, which contains the official text of each bill and how each legislator voted, and the Institute on Money in State Politics, a national nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to accurate, comprehensive and unbiased documentation and research on campaign finance. allows journalists and citizens to answer questions such as:

The End is Near: Daily Show on TV News' Armageddon

If you trust CNN and ABC to give you the good news, then the hoofbeats of the Apocalyptic horsemen are closing in. TV News' increasing fascination with imminent Armageddon is hilariously lampooned in this recent Daily Show segment: Submitted by Brooks Cole
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Colbert Banned From Wikipedia

Stephen Colbert, host of "The Colbert Report" on Comedy Central, caused wikipedia chaos the other night when he praised Wikipedia for "wikiality" - the reality that exists if you make something up and enough people agree with you - it becomes reality. Colbert then dropped some real truthiness about himself on wikipedia LIVE on the show. (confirmed by wikipedia logs) Colbert went on to edit more articles (such as George Washington didn't have slaves) and then encouraged his audience to find the Wikipedia entry on elephants and create an entry that stated their population had tripled in the last six months. Leading to the Wikipedia administrator to block Stephen Colbert's account and locking the entry on elephants. Image from Wikipedia: Rises seen in the use of "truthiness" immediately after Colbert introduced the word on October 17, 2005

We Can All Relax... Bush says He's Solving Global Warming

Ever since seeing Al Gore's brilliant "An Inconvenient Truth," possibly the most persuasive argument I have ever witnessed for anything (and certainly the best PowerPoint... er Keynote ... presentation ever), I have been feeling a little unsettled about whether we can muster the personal and political will to avert global climate crisis. So you can imagine my relief to learn in the recent People Magazine interview with President Bush that, contrary to popular belief, he acknowledges "...we have a problem on global warming" and even more exciting, that he's in the process of solving global warming " advancing new technologies, burning coal cleanly in electric plants, or promoting hydrogen-powered automobiles, or advancing ethanol as an alternative to gasoline."

Defective by Design Makes Washington Post

The negotiations between Apple Computer and the French government over Apple's "FairPlay" DRM technology -- which restricts a user's rights to move their songs bought on the iTunes Store to other players -- today brought the light of the Washington Post on the Defective By Design initiative. Henri Poole, a Free Software Foundation board member, said that such software restrictions infringe on consumer rights and are designed to protect "antiquated business models. "We purchase [songs] and we think we have the same rights we had two years ago, but those rights are being eroded and the [digital rights management] rules can even be changed after you've purchased," he said.
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And now for some good news

I've just added the Great News Network to my news bookmarks. What a treat to have some good news for a change! [From: Fen's Stream of Consciousness]
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