Freedom refers, in a very general sense, to the state of being free (i.e.: unrestricted, unconfined or unfettered). At CivicActions, freedom refers to political freedom - the absence of restraints, particularly with respect to speech, religious practice, and the press as well as software freedom and freedom of information (or ideas) - the absense of restrictions on its use, modification, distribution and creation.
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Democrats and the Reality of the Political Mind

I've been wondering why Sarah Palin has been such a game changer as she's really a female McCain: anti-abortion, anti-environment, the list goes on. Why would people accept her, flock to her? Then I read this article by George Lakoff and it started to all fall into place. As with Bush, gut feelings are attracting people more than rational thought.
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Internet Usage Bypassing the US- CIA Begins Pouting Again

"I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts." - Will Rogers The New York Times reported yesterday that more and more internet traffic is beginning to bypass the United States- and Big Brother isn't happy.

Major FOSS Victory

The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit -- the leading intellectual property court in the US -- has delivered a major victory to the Free and Open Source Software (“FOSS”) movement by explicitly holding, for the first time, that FOSS licensors are entitled to copyright infringement relief.
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OpenOffice Training Next Monday

Ethan just sent an email out to the CivicActions team about an upcoming training in using OpenOffice, the Free software desktop office suite that most of us use.
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Women's Funding Network site re-launches in Drupal

CivicActions is proud to present our latest collaborative project, which launched today... Women's Funding Network.

Our team completed the Drupal development work on this site, in partnership with The Communication Group, and our old friend and former CivicActions colleague, Karyn Gladstone.

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NetSquared Project Highlight: MetaVid

The MetaVid project captures legislative proceedings and make full video streams accessible and searchable from the text transcripts.

Check out MetaVid directly or search Pelosi

ACLU's "Freedom Files" Season 2

Many folk don't know that the ACLU has a TV series called "The Freedom Files". Season 2 can be seen on PBS stations throughout the country. Episodes can also be viewed online at which we re-launched for the new season recently.

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Burma Can't Wait

On Sunday I hear with much sadness about the Cyclone that hit the Irrawady Delta in Burma. With each day the news gets worse. Some 22,000 Burmese presumed dead. Sometimes an event happens that in an instant captures the attention of the world, while even larger tragedies go unnoticed for decades. Such is the case in Burma. Back in the mid nineties I was involved in the Free Burma movement on college campuses, specifically at NYU, and helped pass selective purchasing legislation in the NY City Council.

Drupal, Pengiuns, and Sharks

I had the joy of attending Linuxfest Northwest on April 26 in Bellingham, WA. The weather was great (just like last year), and the atmosphere relaxed and fun. Linuxfest is a 2-day community event, run by volunteers and free to the public. It is such a cozy atmosphere, and it is easy to interact with the speakers and the exhibitors.
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Unsubscribe Me: Amnesty International's Anti Tourture Campaign

Amnesty International has a really powerful campaign up right now called "Unsubscribe Me" (from the "war on terrorism's" torture practices).
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