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Module Development in Drupal 8

I spent a couple of hours today doing something that I've been wanting to do for a while now, but just hadn't made the time -- going through the changelog for drupal 8, and seeing if I could port a few custom modules from D7 to D8. I thought I'd share what I've learned thus far. As an example, let's take a look at this simple D7 module (that really does nothing other than serve as a nice example for this blog post) called 'test'.

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CiviCRM and Drupal Commons

Drupal CommonsCiviCRM

FosterClub, the national network for young people in foster care, is upgrading their Drupal 5 site to a Drupal 7/Commons distribution. In addition, to better manage the activities of their youth, caregivers, child welfare professionals and other concerned citizens, the site will include CiviCRM as a backend 'database' for member tracking, event coordination, mailings and more. The contributed module described here helps CiviCRM play nice with Commons' extended user profiles.

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Installing Drupal 8 on Ubuntu 13.04 with Nginx

Does Drupal 8 love the latest Ubuntu, Raring Ringtail? Let's find out. You'll need an install of Ubuntu 13.04 and if you already have a previous version, try LXC for a quick set up. If you're not on Ubuntu, this should work just as well with other Virtualization methods such as VirtualBox. Or take the plunge and install Ubuntu 13.04 as your main OS. Raring Ringtail is set to be released this Thursday (April 25). Totally ready now to try out Nginx and Drupal.

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Time Travel with Linux and Drupal

Two Spocks safely coexisting

Recently, I started working on a Drupal 6 project and needed it set up on my dev environment, which is currently Ubuntu 12.10. No problem: grab the code from our svn server, a copy of the database, set up a local vhost and... see all the errors on a very broken Drupal. Hrmm. Works fine on the server but not my computer. This D6 plus CiviCRM site needed an older version of PHP. I could downgrade my PHP but that would mess up the other projects I’m working on. So, I came to the obvious conclusion for these sorts of technical challenges: I need a time machine. Simply travel back in time to where the entire stack on my dev site is compatible with the project, make the changes, then return to today and sort out the resulting confusion in the billing department. (“You did this 9 months ago and are billing for it now?”)

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Using Javascript and “i18n” for Multi-language / Multi-country Drupal Websites

Old telegraph map

Internationalization, or “i18n” for short (because there are 18 characters between the “i” and the “n” in that lengthy word), is the process of designing a web application so that it can be adapted to various languages and world regions. CivicActions has had an opportunity to work on some localization projects using Drupal and i18n in recent years. We've learned a lot and want to share some of our tips about using Javascript for string translation.

Ian Rhett speaking at the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference

Welcome, Holly!

CivicActions is incredibly excited about the announcement that Holly Ross will be joining the Drupal Association as Executive Director and what it means for the Drupal community. Her background in growing the Nonprofit Technology Entrepreneurs Network and its annual NTC conference is probably the most perfectly suited for nurturing and growing the Drupal community since Jacob Redding (Three cheers for Jacob! Hiphip!  HipHip!  HipHip! w00t!).

Ian Rhett speaking at the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference

Proud to Sponsor BADCamp 2012

Bay Area Drupal Camp 2012


CivicActions is proud to announce our sponsorship of the 2012 Bay Area DrupalCamp. At CivicActions, we love sharing and connection, and that's what Drupalcamps are all about. It's inspiring to see community in action, and Drupalcamps are where the strands of community fabric are weaved into the tapestry of technical brilliance that is the Drupal community. 

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A Primer: DrupalCon Presentation Training


I am incredibly honored to have been selected to speak at the upcoming DrupalCon Denver on the topic of International NGOs Leveraging Drupal for Social Change

As part of the amazing support in the Drupal Community, all presenters have been requested to attend (or watch recordings of) webinars on how to give good presentations, led by Emma Jane Hogbin of Design to Theme.

Below is a summary of the two hour-long videos, which I initially intended as personal notes, but later realized others might find useful as well.

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DrupalCon Denver Session Voting Open

DrupalCon Denver 2012 - Bronze Sponsor We are excited to present a wide range of session proposals for the upcoming DrupalCon Denver. If you take a look at the proposals our team members you will see that there is a little something for everyone, from very technical sessions, to sessions on using Drupal for Mobile applications, nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations using Drupal, and how to use Agile not only to run your projects but also to run your organization.

These sessions are born out of our experience and expertise on these topics, as well as our passion to share what we know with the community.

Take a few minutes to look over the proposals and cast your vote. We hope to see you at DrupalCon Denver, and empower you and your organization with one of these excellent sessions.

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