Openness (and transparency), as used in the humanities, implies openness, communication, and accountability. It is a metaphorical extension of the meaning used in the physical sciences: a “transparent

New Zealand Government Rejects Microsoft

The NZ SSC has rejected Microsoft's offers for a new licensing contract. This is a big loss for Microsoft (Though I'm sure MS would have you believe otherwise and try to paint the picture back to front) and big win for NZ Government and NZ's IT industry.
Sumit Kataria

SF Bay Area Drupal Camp 2009

Drupal camp San Francisco (a.k.a BADCamp) is coming this weekend. It will be a single Saturday event at the SFSU downtown campus at 5th and Market. The event will be hosted by the Information Management Systems Association, iMSA, Registration for DrupalCamp SF is free but you need to confirm it by registering an account at before coming. This DrupalCamp will include whole day introduction to drupal tutorial (9 AM to 5 PM) for beginners. Also many advanced and intermediate sessions will go through out the day. The event is located above the Westfield mall on the 5th Floor in the SFSU downtown campus. You can join for drupal community fun!! OR knowledge!!
Gregory Heller Profile Photo Reaches Goal For Wiser Earth API

Just about a month ago I returned from the NTEN NTC in San Francisco where I had the opportunity to talk with Peggy Duvette, Angus Parker of WiserEarth and Leif Utne of Zanby and organizing force behind Open Wiser. I then blogged about the OpenWiser fundraising drive to raise $10,000 to build an open API to WiserEarth's database of information about organizations around the world working towards a more sustainable civilization.
Sumit Kataria

Google IO - Google Wave And Socializing Your Web Using Open Authentication - Oauth and OpenID

Last week was quite interesting, I happened to show up at Google IO developer Conference 2009. Committing to writing about the entire Google IO event in a single post is a tough job, so friends here is a succinct post covering the topics that seems most exciting to me.

1. Google wave:

As many may have read already, Google announced a new Internet-based communications and collaboration platform Google Wave in the second day's key note talk at Google IO. Google Wave seems to be an integrated communications platform that brings together email, chat, twitter, social networks, photo-sharing, and collaborative editing features. Google describes a 'wave' as "equal parts conversation and document" and the Wave team basically sees it as a replacement for email and other collaboration tools. Google's announcement of wave was the most exiting technical demonstration I ever been to, it was full of cheers, applause and whistling, evidence of the excitement about this new product which could revolutionize the world of emails, instant messaging, photo sharing, blogging, social networking and intranet communications.

Easing the Use of Modules - Modules Filter

Ah, admin/build/modules...I really want to love this page. It lists all of my modules. It shows version numbers. There's a lot to offer. When you work on a larger site, there are so many modules. CCK, Internationalization, and of course Core provide long lists of modules. How do I find that one module in that big list?
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Funding the WiserEarth API: CivicActions Offers Matching Donation

I like many others was completely blown away by Paul Hawken's Blessed Unrest. The last 3rd of the book is a compendium of non profit and non governmental organizations around the world that are working on social justice, human rights, sustainability, environmental and indigenous people's issues as well as many others. Hawken's describes these groups collectively as a movement, the largest movement in the history of the world. A movement that is decentralized and global.

First DrupalCamp in Seattle for 2009

This Saturday the Seattle DUG is hosting a one day DrupalCamp. We are calling it a MiniCamp, because we usually manage two day events. This one is a little different. In true BarCamp style, we are not specifying speakers or topics. Heck, a schedule barely exists. The intent is to bring people together, to cooperate and learn more about Drupal. I am really excited about this, because there is more opportunity for everyone to participate.
Ian Rhett speaking at the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference

NPR Has One Too

I had a page open from NPR in another window and forgot to mention in my previous post, but NPR also has an API as part of their Open Content Strategy. In keeping with NPR's mission of "a more informed public" allowing public access to content and allowing developers to mash up and revolutionize how people consume NPR content.
Ian Rhett speaking at the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference

The US Congress Now Has an API, Do You?

Ok, actually, it's the New York Times which has developed an "API" for the U.S. Congress. Basically, the Times has munged together a bunch of data sources (see below) and developed an "API" to allow developers to access and use the data. The information you can get access to includes roll-call vote (voice and division votes are not available right now). The Times does extra calculations including party totals.
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