Aaron Pava

Aaron Pava Profile Photo
Strategy Consultant
Sales and Marketing
July, 2004
Oakland, CA
United States

Aaron Pava is a Internet Strategist committed to social empowerment through innovative and pioneering technologies. As co-founder of CivicActions, Aaron brought a culture of passion and purpose to the firm and merged it with Henry Poole's business and technological acumen. Aaron heads the professional development group and serves as business developer and client engagement manager. He is currently is engaged on projects with the Center for Reproductive Rights, Coalition of Behavioral Health Agencies, Equal Justice USA and EcoTuesday.

Wearing his business development hat, Aaron works to understand a client's needs and translate them to successful solutions. As an engagement manager, he is mindful that there are hurdles amid these multi-layered collaborations and he is passionate to discover agile solutions to solve client's objectives. Aaron brings more than 15 years of experience as a facilitator of personal growth and relationship workshops to the unique aspects of managing communications within a 'virtual' environment.

Aaron sits on the Boards of the Ocean Beach Foundation, EcoTuesday and Raise the Frequency. He has presented at numerous conferences and workshops speaking on the subjects of social activism, personal transformation and living authentically.

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