Zoey Kroll

Zoey Kroll Profile Photo
Strategy Consultant
Information Architect
April, 2006
San Francisco, CA
United States

As Senior User Experience Designer and Creative Strategist at CivicActions Zoey Kroll helps organizations affect change through the power of listening, storytelling, and visual communication. Her range of past experience — as a usability consultant for start-ups, an information architect with Deloitte, and a curator at The LAB and New Langton Arts — has informed her holistic, inclusive approach. To bring end users into the development and design process, she advocates "guerrilla usability" methods for projects of any size. A recurring theme in her work is creating content-rich experiences which move audiences from passive viewing to community engagement.

At CivicActions Zoey has designed UX for web and mobile applications for faceted search and live events. As co-organizer of Drupalcon San Francisco, she designed the UX for the conference website and the Interaction Design for its showcase mobile app. For the WITNESS video project she designed intuitive processes for grassroots organizations to curate content, generate dialog, and build their networks. Connecting physical experiences to the virtual is a personal passion for Zoey and she does so as an urban farmer, media maker, and social media teacher at Hayes Valley Farm.

In her prior work for Deloitte Consulting, Zoey worked on the redesign of MCI's international websites, developing guidelines for maintaining and scaling their local websites, as well as a system for integrating thousands of content assets into their site architecture and product database. For Santa Clara County, she got alignment from dozens of agency stakeholders, and transformed a patchwork of websites into an award-winning user-friendly government portal.

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