Third Party MacBook Batteries Compared

I recently needed to purchase two replacement batteries for Apple laptops. One for a MacBook 13-inch white, and one for a MacBook Pro 17-inch. I decided to purchase third-party batteries since the saving was about 30% and they came with a 12-month warranty. While I had the original and third-party replacement batteries in one place, I decided to snap some photos so that others can see the differences between Apple's replacement batteries and third-party ones.

The photos are on flickr;

Web 2.0 police - Chinese for "Open Privacy"

This article via Yahoo provides a nice glimpse into how "user-friendly" a police state can be. The cartoon images are scary to me, not cute, since they could mean death. I know that some programmer is happy to have some income and add that to his portfolio, and the Chinese are showing us that it's ok - no, really - it is ok ... OBEY. So, the Chinese police are being open about how they violate your privacy. That's nice.
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