Do It Right The First Time; Do Not Use Microsoft-Contrived Version Targeting

Microsoft announced in January that Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) would be standards-compliant, but only if you included a special meta tag or http header indicating that the page should be rendered in standards compliance mode. The uproar from the standards community led Microsoft to change the default behavior of IE8. Now IE8 will render all pages in standards mode by default, unless you specify otherwise with the X-UA-Compatible meta tag or http header. Interestingly, the Microsoft followers did not seem to feel short-changed as the standards advocates had.
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Internet Usage Bypassing the US- CIA Begins Pouting Again

"I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts." - Will Rogers The New York Times reported yesterday that more and more internet traffic is beginning to bypass the United States- and Big Brother isn't happy.
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The Best of Internet Marketing - A Year in Review

Techipedia has collected the some of the best posts on Web for Internet Marketing in 2007 and it's a mighty read. If you have any interest in social media, prepare to dive deep into this massive well of knowledge - with over 250 links...

High praise to Tamar for all the hard work put into this collection! We are grateful and will be reading far into 2008.

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Save the Internet Before July 16th! just launched another great video by Matt Thompson (a Web Of Change alumn). The last day for public comment on Net Neutrality is Monday, July 16th. So take a few minutes to take action and submit your comment to the FCC.
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Google Buys DoubleClick for 3.1 Billion

Google reached an agreement to buy DoubleClick for $3.1 billion in cash, the companies announced. DoubleClick, an early pioneer in online advertising, was taken private by two private equity firms, Hellman & Friedman and JMI Equity, in a deal valued at $1.1 billion in 2005. "Acquiring DoubleClick expands Google’s business far beyond algorithm-driven ad auctions into a relationship-based business with Web publishers and advertisers." Perhaps the sale amount is a nod to now owning it all... The human genome consists of an estimated 3.1 billion base pairs that make up our DNA.
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New Organizing Institute Summer Bootcamp Seeking Applicants

The New Organizing Institute has just announced its Summer 2007 Bootcamp early admission application process. NOI trains political organizers to use the new tools of the trade: the internet, blogs, social networking sites, and the like.... The Summer Bootcamp is an all expenses paid opportunity to get up to speed with these tools and get ready for the 2008 political season. CivicActions co-sponsored RootsCampNYC with the NOI back in November.
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The Passing of an Internet Cafe

My brother sent me this article from the NYT about an internet cafe in NY called Alt.Coffee. Alt(dot) as it was often called was one of the first internet cafes in NYC opening in 1995 with a full T1. I started hanging out there when it first opened and I was a student at NYU.
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CNN on politicians domain Names

CNN ran a report on their blog about presidential politicians' efforts to secure domain names for their efforts. Among the list of candidates covered in the story was Tom Tancredo.
Gregory Heller Profile Photo Just released new video

Just saw an email from Matt Thompson up in Canada (met him at WebOfChange, even video cast). Matt just did a video for the campaign. The video is fantastic. Uses great visuals including clips from the Daily Show, news reel footage and animation all linked with a strong voice over narration (by Matt).
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