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We've Met The Enemy And He Is Powerpoint

So read the headline of a New York Time's article a few weeks back, you probably saw some coverage of the dizzying slide showing linkages between various constituencies in Afganistan.  Without going any further into that slide, or the article about it and the relationship of PowerPoint and military strategy, I'd like to highlight some ideas about slides and presentations.

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Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template

Hot on the heals of yesterday's post regarding sharing our Client Questionnaire, Nancy Schwartz of Getting Attention posted a ready-to-use Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template that provides a thorough overview for generating your marketing and online strategy.


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20 Free eBooks About Social Media

Chris Brogan posted a fantastic list of 20 free eBooks about Social Media on his blog. Learn everything from the New Rules of Viral Marketing, Podcasting, Google Adwords, Marketing Plans, SEO, Analytics, Twitter, and more...

Don't Watch the MacWorld Keynote

Don't watch the MacWorld Keynote. It's 90 minutes long. See it all in 60 seconds instead and get all the same info! My favourite bit is the last 30 seconds of this video.

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CivicActions is Gold Sponsor of DrupalCon in Barcelona

CivicActions is very proud to announce that we are a Gold Sponsor for the upcoming DrupalCon in Barcelona! DrupalCon will take place September 19th thru 22nd. Visit for more information and to sign-up for DrupalCon. We look forward to seeing you in Spain!
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