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Blog Action Day: Free Software & Poverty

What does Free Software have to do with ending poverty? More than you probably think. It is not just at the core of consumer products like the Android loaded G1 phone from HTC, or the One Laptop Per Child XO. Linux operating systems like Ubuntu are deployed by community technology centers around the globe providing access to the internet, and all the information, data and resources that come with it. The Free Software (while having $0 in licensing costs) also reduces the cost of hardware, and allows programmers to improve upon it, and share their improvements without fear.
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Why And How Your Organization Can Jump Into The Twitterverse

During a recent client meeting, I had the opportunity to explain Twitter to an organization with very little social media experience.  I think my explanation may be of use to others who are just starting to consider using Twitter or other micro-blogging platforms (though I would argue that Twitter is where the people are and thus is where any organization looking to jump in should be. 

The Basics of Twitter

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Drupal Scores Top Place in CMS Satisfaction for Non-Profits

Recently, NTEN (the Nonprofit Technology Network) released their 2008 Content Management Systems Satisfaction Report evaluating the most commonly used systems at small and medium sized organizations. The CMS systems were evaluated in five categories: Quality, Support, Delivers on Promises, Usability and Value. Drupal and Joomla! both scored the highest marks, yet Drupal had nearly twice the number of responses than the latter. Open source systems scored generally higher than commercial systems and custom systems were rated near the bottom of the pack. Kieran posted a nice summary of the report results at The report is available to members of NTEN for free and to non-members at a discount rate. (CivicActions is a proud member of NTEN!)
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Write Up of 50 Social Sites

A few weeks ago someone pointed me toward this interesting writeup of 50 social sites, it is geared toward sites where businesses should try to build and maintain a presence, but I think that it is applicable for NPO and NGOs too. The article is split into 5 sections:
  • Social-Media/Social-Bookmarking Sites
  • Professional-Networking Sites
  • Niche Social-Media Sites
  • General Social-Media Sites
  • Job Sites
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JUSTCAUSE: Is Your Organization Ready for Online Social Networking?

Just before the holiday break, I spoke with Alyssa Royce, Editor of JUSTCAUSE about non profits, the internet and the social networking (full disclosure: they are one of our clients, and I worked with them on the site which launched at the end of the summer).  Alyssa was researching an article on nonprofits and social networking for the GuideStar newsletter.
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