Ian Rhett speaking at the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference

Explaining Twitter

Twice in the last 24 hours I've explained Twitter to friends and family who aren't exactly "early adopters" of webstuff, but who aren't slouches when it comes to staying in touch via facebook, email, etc.. I think these are the third and mainstream wave of adopters and they're starting to hear about Twitter. Arguably, that's because they're in my network and they see my posts on Facebook, which I've configured to update my status with my Twitter feed. "via Twitter" and my occasional tweets about Twitter have 'em wondering. Whether they adopt or not remains to be seen.
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Social Media & Election Monitoring

It goes without saying that we at CivicActions have been watching the presidential race with a passion that borders on addiction. We have also been excited by recent developments and new uses of technology in the service of civic engagement (which was, in part, what our company was founded on 4 years ago).

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Net2 ThinkTank: Key Questions To Ask When Considering Social Media Training & Experimentation

Amy Sample Ward at NetSquared posted the following question for the Net2ThinkTank:

What are the key questions nonprofit orgs should ask to help them determine how to prioritize social media training and experimentation as they do their technology and organization-strengthening planning?

I provide Social Media Training and Coaching to our clients.  While there are many good reasons to make social media a part of an organization's overall internet strategy, there are plenty of wrong reasons too.

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Why And How Your Organization Can Jump Into The Twitterverse

During a recent client meeting, I had the opportunity to explain Twitter to an organization with very little social media experience.  I think my explanation may be of use to others who are just starting to consider using Twitter or other micro-blogging platforms (though I would argue that Twitter is where the people are and thus is where any organization looking to jump in should be. 

The Basics of Twitter

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Tweeting the Debate With Current TV

Four years ago at Telephone Bar in NYC, Noel Hidalgo and I talked about an idea to run an IRC back channel during the presidential debates. This morning I saw a tweet from him about remixing the debates and reminded him of our idea. He has now blogged about something very cool. Current TV and Twitter have teamed up and will be aggregating debate related tweets and displaying them on Current TV.
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Customer Service In The Age of Social Media

Last night I was scheduled to fly from New York's JFK to Seattle on JetBlue. As the storm clouds gathered and a crazy thunderstorm gathered over the NY region I called JetBlue's automated flight status service and was surprised to hear my flight was still on time. That was at 6:10pm.
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The Way We Work: Tweeting, Twining, Tumbling - Social Media and New Web Services

Recently I've been looking into new web2.0 and, I guess web3.0, and social media trends - sites and services that are popping up like mushrooms after a rain. I've found many interesting one and wanted to share a few, and at the same time ask that if you know of anything really cool that you think I might not know about, please send it my way, either by email/contact form or tag them on for:gregoryheller
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Find Us at NetSquared Next Week

Next week, Zoey and I will be at the NetSquared Conference in San Jose, CA and if you're one of the 350 lucky participants attending, we would love to connect with you! NetSquared is a two-day event of innovators in social benefit initiatives & technology to advance change around the globe. This is all about how NGOs can use social tools to collaborate, share information and mobilize support using FOSS (like Drupal), blogs, wikis, RSS, podcasting, user-generated content, twitter, and all the other key tools and buzzwords. Also, take a moment and give our Mashup idea a "star" (vote) and help us support the Network for Good API.

Still Wondering What Twitter Is?

Wonder know more. In 2.5 minutes you'll know:
Ian Rhett speaking at the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference

Why Twitter Matters

I'll be honest - I don't get the allure of Twitter. I don't really WANT to be constantly updated about my friends' moods, what they're listening to, or that they're "comin out of the theater" unless I'm specifically looking for the person texting me. For a while I thought Twitter was hype, and as far as I know, on the business end of things, I still do. (And to be honest, I haven't cared enough about Twitter to take time to research and understand their business model anyway).
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